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German-Latin American Network

There are 8 partner companies in the international ZIM network, 5 German and 3 Latin American. International research projects for the development of new beverages with valuable ingredients and high enjoyment value will be organized in the network. The focus is on the joint production of semi-finished products/beverages and their marketing in Latin America and Germany. Interdisciplinary cooperations will again be organized for this purpose. In this network, successful beverage experts work together with mechanical engineers and nutritionists.

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The BebidasTec network was launched in March 2021 and currently consists of 5 German and 3 Latin American companies. No financial or other obligations arise for the Latin American partners.
In the network, research projects are to be developed and realized in which technologies, processes are developed and prototypes of machines are built that can be used in the environmentally friendly, sustainable production of beverages in Germany and Latin America. This includes new processes for processing raw materials, new combinations of processes and raw materials that pose challenges for the 21st century, such as soothing or stimulating lemonades with low sugar content or balanced sugar and fiber content.

Combining the competences of aroma experts, fruit and other crops producing farmers, mechanical engineers, food chemists and marketing experts for online trade form the technological basis for interesting approaches and innovative unorthodox solutions that are always close to the market (sales-oriented).

We are starting with German beverage producers and Latin American raw material producers as well as German machine builders and will expand the network and competencies. Available are beverages with partly high sugar content and low dietary fiber. The projects will develop beverages with low sugar content, health-promoting properties and high flavor density, and the processing machines and tools required for this.

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